The Bearded Bastard Woodsman Beard Oil Review

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Lumbersexual Liquids

We know: bearded guys often like wooden shit. There’s no denying the lumberjack connection, and the fact that a beard might indicate that someone has a taste for the rustic things in life. Lumbersexual is a pejorative term used to describe an overly groomed manly-man impersonator who couldn’t change a tire with a YouTube how-to video and all the right tools. Here’s a secret: treating your body well does not make you a sissy. Beard oils are perfectly legitimate grooming products that keep skin hydrated (think Head and Shoulders for your face), beards smelling great, and hair conditioned. Some of us outdoorsy types still have to maintain a day job and wear deodorant, you know!

The Bearded Bastard

TBB is an Austin, Texas based grooming company that focuses on high quality ingredients and attention to detail. According to their site, they “are passionate about doing things the right way and use natural ingredients from sustainable and responsible sources whenever possible. Rather than use the petroleum-based synthetics found in most mass-produced grooming products, we work hard to track down the finest original ingredients for our products—often from some of the most exotic locales on Earth.” Although their description of this particular product is cringe-worthy, the oil itself is great.

What’s In It?

Sweet Almond Oil

Safflower Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Jojoba Oil

Argan Oil

Olive Oil

Castor Oil

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Natural Fragrance 

In our second “Beards, Your Barber, & You” post, we detail some of the uses of beard oils, and also mention that they are pretty easy to make on your own. The ingredient list makes it apparent that if the recipe and measurements were released, we’d all just be making the stuff at home. I’m not sure why so many cooking oils are required, or what kind of Natural Fragrance they’re using, but I have to admit that crafting Woodsman beard oil doesn’t seem like rocket science. We’ll make a point of trying to recreate it.

Is It Any Good?

Yes. It smells like fresh cedar, and anyone who’s ever worked with cedar knows how pleasant that is. Imagine sweet, fresh wood: that’s the scent. It also gives the beard a nice luster, hydrates the hair and skin underneath, and is viscous enough so it doesn’t run down onto your skin or drip. It adheres well to hair, making it comfortable to wear throughout the day. Another benefit of this beard oil is that it reduces beard-itch, which can be a bitch. The scent is pretty powerful, and will last from 9 – 5. Just like cologne, it’s not a good idea to soak yourself in the stuff.

Red Hatchet Says…

If you have $20 to spend on cologne and you have a beard, spend it on this instead. It serves well as a scent, and has a number of grooming benefits that we can’t ignore. If the price point hurts, look into making it yourself! It’s not terribly expensive to get your hands on a few oils and mix them into a pleasant scent: Jojoba oil alone smells great and works well in hair. I think bearded guys should give these products a chance: Woodsman Beard Oil has become a part of my morning routine, and my girlfriend loves the stuff.